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PO Box 1166
Allen, TX 75013
Ph: (972) 578-1996

Austin Office
Ph: (512) 343-1275

Houston Office
Ph: (281) 493-4646
Manufacturers Representative

"We Market Solutions"
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Single Board Computers
Industrial ETX COM Express
Industrial Motherboards
Motion Control
Machine Vision
PXI Controllers and Systems
Data Acquisition
Realtime I/O Systems
Chassis and Accessories
Software Solutions
Rugged & Extreme Rugged SBC's
Com Express / ETX
PC104 / EPIC / EBX Form Factor
Mini ITX SBC's
-40 to +85 C SBC's
Software and Accessories

Rugged & Extreme Rugged SBC's
Intel & AMD Processors
-40 to +85 C
Low Power

PC 104
COM Express
Mini ITX
Core Express

We design and manufacture high
reliability computer equipment and
software for a large array of
applications. Our products are
rigorously designed and qualified
for use in applications ranging
from military mission critical
modules to automotive real time

Our experience includes: graphics,
image processing, networking, real
time software, high performance
communications, and high
performance computing.

Visit our Web Site for a few of our
standard & Semi- Custom Products.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Power Distribution Units (PDU)
Intelligent Power Systems (IPS)
Frequency Converters
Power Conditioners
DC/AC Inverters
DC and Telecommunications
Power Systems

Engine Generators and Power Plants
Solar Panels, Charge Controllers and
Battery Chargers
Battery Modules and Energy Storage
Rugged Computers and Peripherals
Custom Designs
Critical applications that require a high
degree of operating reliability for data or
process security     
Rugged Flat Panel Monitors
NEMA & MIL Spec Rated
6.4" to 23" Optional Touchscreen
Industrial Panel Mount Systems

Mil-Spec Portable PC's
Rugged Tablet PC's
Portable Workstations
Rugged Slide Tray Monitors
SEALEVEL Systems, Inc, is the
premier manufacture of embedded
Serial, Distributed I/O, Remote I/O,
Digital I/O, Analog I/O, COM Express
Custom design and mfg. Of Com
Express Base Boards, with a highly
experienced design team and in-house
manufacturing to make your project a
Talema Group LLC.
Toroidal Transformers
Power Inductors & Chokes
EMI Suppression
Telecomms & Network Products
•Power Supply Magnetics
Standard and Custom designs
Since 1975 Talema has been providing
Magnetics to World Class Companies
with Manufacturing in East & West
Europe, India.
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